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Engaging Your Organization: Connect, Inspire, Motivate with Measurable Results

These questions dig at the roots. It’s not that organizations are hesitant to do something about stress managment, but rather that they truly don’t know what would make a difference. Where does one start? Organizations can build Resiliency! Resiliency can be learned! A positive solution focused approach makes all the difference.

Resiliency can be learned, yet transforming organizational culture needs a systematic plan in place; there is no instant fix. Has the time come to shift from a one-time Compassion Fatigue Workshop to a more comprehensive program on Workplace Resiliency and Wellness? Is it appropriate to position workplace stress within a more resilient, inspiring and connected framework? Can accountability and Return on Investment (ROI) be the cornerstone of the plan? Animal caregivers contribute to the viability, productivity, stability, and engagement of an organization’s mission. If so, how does the ‘human element’ of workplace stress play out in its community?

Benefit of Building

The Pause-Reflect-Act® process is designed to help participants build optimism, self compassion, leverage strengths, and sharpen cognitive, social/emotional and spiritual competencies. The program is a motivational and positive approach to building resiliency from the inside out.

Wondering where to start?

Dr. Pat’s facilitated Build Resiliency & Well-being introductory workshop will guide you on how to build the framework for a customized action plan for such a program. Definitive ROI strategies and the resources/support needed for its implementation are included in the process. In addition to the immediate results of the Organization at hand, Dr. Pat will also share the on-going results of her collective research (Dr. Pat’s research focuses on how Canadian animal caregivers can find a distinctive voice in determining workplace challenges and to understand, motivate, and build the resiliency skills unique to animal care).

To request a complimentary session with Dr. Pat to discuss the advantages and limitations of investing in such a plan click here to email your request, or call 416-523-2154

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