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Free Confidential Surveys: Instant Results

Instructions to Begin: Please read the Q & A before beginning the two sets of surveys. You will need to complete one 'button' at a time. Thanks in advance.

Who is eligible to take the surveys/inventories?

Anyone working in the area of animal welfare is eligible. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Animal caregivers can re-take these self-reported surveys/inventories at any time.

No geographical locations will be published. Anonymity will always be enforced. The collective results will inform leaders/trainers on what animal caregivers are experiencing in the workplace at any one time. These results could generate strategies in building a culture of resilience and well-being for organizations and their staff.

What do the surveys/inventories measure?

The surveys/inventories help you estimate the degree of workplace satisfaction, stress levels, and resilience you presently are working with at any one time.

How will you receive your results?

Results are instantly generated for each person who completes the inventories. Again your identity will remain anonymous.

What is the value of participating in these surveys/inventories?

Each animal care worker, who completes these surveys/inventories, will help Canadian Animal Care Communities, trainers & professional researchers understand how Resilience & Well-being, Trauma/Compassion Fatigue, Compassion Satisfaction, and Burnout impact this particular workplace at any one time.

Are these surveys reliable and valid?

Yes. Email for more information.

Which surveys/inventories are used?

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Can organizations collect (anonymous) feedback of their particular staff as a group?

Yes! Contact for more information.


Each button needs to be hit separately. Please return to this page to complete both buttons found below:

Thanks for completing the survey/inventories! I hope that you printed out your results as you completed each survey/inventories. To obtain a 20 Page Handout discussing the survey/inventoriess, results, and concepts to understand, please email with the subject "Completed Survey" and a copy will be sent to you.

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